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Stephanie Vazquez and Joseph Koch

Kindergarten Lunch Schedule         10:50-11:45      

The front doors will NOT be open till 8:10 in the mornings now due to Mtn View being a closed campus.     

                     Learn about Who Needs A Flu Vaccine.
If your student receives their flu vaccine, have them stop by and see Nurse Megan and they will get a prize!!

                 Come to the Mtn View  Book Fair   October 17- 30

Every Friday is HAT DAY!  
Students can wear a hat if they pay $1.oo.  The money will
help buy new playground equipment!




*October 26th and 27th: 
Parent Teacher Conferences

*October 28th: NO SCHOOL (NV Day)

*November 8: Go Vote!

*November 11th: NO SCHOOL (Veteran's Day)

*November 16th: Picture retakes

*November 17: 2nd Graders Performs
"Lights, Camera, Action!"
at 6:30 pm

*November 23rd: Early Out 1:00 pm for Thanksgiving 
*November 24th and 25th

*November 29th: MVE Choir Performs
 "Festival of Trees Family Night"

* December 2: PTA Craft Night 
5:30- 7:00 pm

*December 8th: MVE Choir Holiday Concert 
at GBC 6:30 pm

*December 16th: Early Out 1:00 pm for Christmas Break
*December 19th- January 2nd

Mountain View Elementary is a Leader in Me School!  Check out the following link to find resources that your student is learning about in the classroom.  http://www.theleaderinme.org/

Encourage your children to follow the 7 Habits at home as they are learning, and implementing them at school!

Total Eye Care donated $1000 for playground equipment!
Thank you for being a Golden Eagle Donor!

Photo from left to right - Traci Johnston PTA President, Jon Foss Mountain View Elementary Principal, Dr. Alleman, Dr. Colon, Dr. Curtis, 
Brandi Betancourt PTA Parlimentarian

PTA President Traci Johnston, Principal Jon Foss, Treasurer April Danninger, Playground Equipment Chairman Randi Wilson, and Playground Equipment Chairman Jeanna Secrist are all working hard to raise $75,ooo for new playground equipment for Mountain View.  This photo (courtesy of Allusive Images, Brandi Betancourt) was in
the Elko Daily Free Press on April 6, 2016.  Kindergarten students are helping in the design of the new playground equipment.  The Mtn. View PTA is assisting in the fundraising and has donated $4,500!  The goal is to have the money raised within two years.  If you have any questions and/or are interested in donating money, please contact a PTA member (see the link at the top of website), your student's teacher, or call the office.  

Mountain View has started selling water bottles at lunch for only $0.50.  We are asking for either water bottles or monetary donations to help this healthy initiative get under way!  Proceeds from the water sells will go into the new playground equipment fund.  

The link for the School Performance Plan is under Classroom Websites.  

"True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid" ~ 
The Wizard of Oz

ECSD RNs are unable to give students flu mist this year.  Please see your primary care providers for the vaccine.  

StoryBook Pumpkins
at Mountain View Library


Dads!  Sign up for this incredible program!  You get to be more involved with your child, the school, and help make a difference!

"Everything you were looking for was right there with you all along" ~ The Wizard of OZ

Eagle Bucks Store is officially open for the year!  Have your student save up those Eagle Bucks for awesome toys, school supplies, Spoon Me gift certificates, Walmart gift certificates, etc.!
EB Store is open 
M, T, Th, F
3:20- 3:40 pm

Meet our new secretary:
Nicole Sellers
Stop by and say hi!

Mtn View has a 
Wellness Committee!
If you would like to be part of this exciting new program that will focus on student, parental, and faculty involvement in identifying healthy habits for our community, please contact Nurse Megan 

Ideas we would like to implement this year:
School Health Policy

There will soon be a "running club" at Mtn View!  Check back for more details!