Student Expectations

Dear Parents,
An effective discipline program is essential in the teaching/learning process. Each student has the right to learn and play at Mountain View without disruption or harassment from others. Each teacher has the right to teach without disruption and disrespect from others. Students are encouraged to deal with problems and disputes at the lowest level. This means students need to decide early in a conflict to choose the right course of action.
The right course of action is to be assertive, ask others to stop their negative behavior, stop your own negative behavior if asked, walk away from the conflict, and ask a teacher for help if the problem continues.
The wrong course of action is to escalate the problem through retaliation. Once a student responds to derogatory comments with derogatory comments of his/her own, it becomes an argument. Once a student responds to pushing and hitting with pushing and hitting it becomes a fight. In the above scenarios, each student involved has chosen the wrong course of action.

We believe that the success of our school discipline is dependent upon your support and shared responsibility. Please help us ensure the success of our program by periodically reviewing and discussing the importance of the "Student Rules of Conduct" and "Lunchroom Rules" outlined in our student handbook.


Wendy Fluckey, Principal